About Stainable Primer™

Stainable Primer™ is a revolutionary new product which makes virtually any surface stainable without having to strip off the old finish.  Developed in 2008 by a hobby-chemist whose wife wanted to replace her white kitchen cabinets with stained ones. After seeing the large costs associated with replacing or refacing the cabinets, his idea was to create an economical wood based product that could easily be applied to a surface and be stained.  After years of research and development, Stainable Primer™ was born and the chemist’s family had a beautiful new kitchen.

Stainable Primer™ is water-based, biodegradable, and has virtually no VOC, meaning no offensive smell and less damage to our environment. Because it is a water-based, Stainable Primer™ can be applied using an inexpensive paint brush or HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer by either inexperienced homeowners or by professional painters.

Stainable Primer™ allows you to skip the time consuming step of stripping the old finish.   Unlike many other products, the adhesion and absorption properties are excellent.  This means that once the project is complete, your new finish will be scratch and chip resistant.   This is a result of the absorption properties of Stainable Primer™ which allows your stain to absorb like it would on a standard wood product.  After applying Stainable Primer™, you can use any manufacturer’s stain or paint to create the look and finish you want.

Ideas for Where to Use Stainable Primer™:

  1. Transform MDF, painted wood or particle board cabinets into stunning stained cabinets

  2. Give plastic or metal furniture the appearance of lovely wood furniture

  3. Create attractive stained trim using inexpensive wood, PVC or MDF molding

  4. Transform the appearance of a metal, fiberboard, or composite door into a beautiful wood finish

  5. Change a staircase from carpet to stained wood finish without replacing the underlying inexpensive wood

There are no other products available today that allows you to apply stain to virtually any surface. The potential uses are limited only by your imagination!

Made in the USA